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Mar 2 11 10:42 AM

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Google Launches Algorithm To Fight Content Spam                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Google’s Matt Cutts announced they will be releasing a new on-page spam detection technique to reduce the amount of content spam we see in Google. Matt Cutts just confirmed the rumors that this algorithm is indeed live...

Editors note: Do I know very much about SEO or web "content farms"? Well, not very much.
However, after reading several articles which describe what has happened, it seems to be a good idea. It looks like the bottom line is that a move has been made to curb the actions of mostly commercial sites who in the past have used google to increase their business/s by creating sites which were nothing more than a "hodgepodge" of key words which caused google as well as all the daffy folks who search there to travel to a new page with zero content which matched the promise but rather is chocked full of ads which they want you to respond to.
Nothing has changed to dispute the old adage that "content is king". It looks to me like many of the social networking sites whose only mission in life is to promote a hobby or idea will be the winner here.

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Jan 26 16 10:25 PM

As far as I know Google started this algorithm last year. I’ve read several reports on Google’s efforts to stop content SPAM. I’m personally tired of opening websites filled with advertising. 

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Apr 6 16 2:29 PM

I had not heard about this. It is a great idea, those types of pages you describe have crashed my computer before and often have viruses. I sure hope it works well!

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May 29 16 1:04 PM

There have been Google updates at regular intervals and many black hat techniques have been busted. As long as you provide good content in a legit manner there will be no harm done to your website. Also, be sure to post to your website regularly.

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White Noise

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Jun 2 16 8:04 AM

Hopefully this will put the spinner sites out of business.

Does anyone know if they go after .com's only, or do they go after everything including .edu, .org, etc......?

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Jun 4 16 3:48 PM

I hope we can finally say goodbye to plenty of annoying advertising sites with not much content. It would be a great idea if Google went for every other website other the .coms,.uk and so forth.

The internet experience really needs to be seamless and interesting.

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