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May 11 16 12:46 PM

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This news comes directly from NASA and the Keplar telescope is the culprit for these shenanegans. image This opens up the chances of finding a planet like ours and I think that is very cool. What do you guys think?
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May 30 16 11:46 AM

It is good news that new planets have been discovered but no one is sure whether there is any life on these planets. Besides even if there are some life forms on any planet we can never be sure whether they will be keen to meet us. They could also be hostile or even worse, could be invisible to the human eye.

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Jun 8 16 1:19 PM

Well, I could say that the discovery of a new planet is a good thing but I do not see a possibility of life existing elsewhere, other than earth. I am not doubting any of that discovery but 1,284 is quite a number.

I am curious to know about any new developments to this story.

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Jun 8 16 1:24 PM

The discovery of another 'Earth' would herald an interesting period in the study of outer space. In the link, it is said that if life was to exist elsewhere, then that would be 11 light-years away which is an equivalent of 9.5 trillion kilometers.

The article was a good read indeed.

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