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Mar 22 16 5:14 PM

Radio Caroline - 36 years ago

On March 19, 1980, a violent storm broke out off the coast of Essex. 
The ship's anchor chain broke, causing the vessel to drift for 10 nautical miles until she ran aground on a sandbank.

The ship began to take in water and after struggling for eight hours with portable pumps the four-man crew - including DJs Stevie Gordon and Tom Anderson - conceded defeat and were rescued by lifeboat.

At 23:58 that night the final broadcast on board the Mi Amigo was made.

A new ship, the MV Ross Revenge eventually sailed out into the North Sea, and is still sometimes used for broadcasts permitted with special licences, cooperation with Manx Radio,  or just online. Many of the old djs love to revisit the ship, usually for broadcasts from time to time.

The station continues online 24/7 here Radio Caroline

Our thanks to Mike Terry for the above information