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Wayne Green W2NSD - SK

Wayne Sanger Green II W2NSD/1, founder of 73, Byte and a host of other magazines passed away on September 13, 2013 aged 91

He was formerly editor of CQ magazine before he went on to found 73, 80 Micro, Byte, CD Review, Cold Fusion, Kilobaud Microcomputing, RUN, InCider, and Pico, as well as publishing books and running a software company.

Wayne was always into the latest ground breaking Amateur Radio technology and his magazine reflected that with articles on RTTY, ATV,SSTV, FM Repeaters and Amateur radio satellites.

A popular part of 73 Magazine was Wayne Green W2NSD's 'Never Say Die' column. In it he gave his views on just about everything. Among Wayne's favorite topics over the years were:

- The failure of the ARRL to prepare for the 1971 World Adminstrative Radio Conference which resulted the loss of hundred of MHz of amateur satellite frequencies

- The disaster of incentive licensing

- The FCC restrictions on repeaters

- The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Wayne seemed to have views on everything, so it's a certainly that almost everyone will have disagreed with him on some point or other, but there are few other Amateurs who have achieved so much in their lifetimes.

The final posting on his blog reads:

Wayne Green passed away this morning [Sept 13] in a peaceful, painless transition from this life on Earth. An eternal optimist, and one who loved to share his neverending zest for life, he was a friend to many and will be missed greatly. Wayne was not afraid of dying and was very much ready to embark on his next great adventure to the afterlife.

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