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Nov 4 14 2:05 PM

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Does my vote really count? The answer is YES your vote is very important. It is easy to not vote especially in an off year election. These are old postings in this thread but every volting day I like to review the reasone I need to show up and cast my single vote.
Pleasse note the thread at

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Sep 21 15 10:40 PM

I have a feeling that next year, more than ever, our votes are really going to count.

I don't like to talk politics, but I have fairly strong feelings against a certain candidate so I want to vote and make sure I vote for someone else :)

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Mar 16 16 12:26 PM

This election is going to be an important one for sure. Can you imagine if Hillary got elected?
We don't need any more of the Clintons, and their elk. If Trump or Cruz are the nominees, I'm voting for them. If Casik is the nominee, I am moving to the Phillipines.

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