Nov 22 14 2:07 PM

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 SOTABEAMS has introduced the first of
a range of products inspired by a small aluminium box!The BOXA-SWR is a high quality 100 Watt HF/50 MHz SWR bridge.It has been designed to be used as the analogue element of an embedded controller SWR/power meter project.Of course ordinary moving-coil meters could equally be used to display forward and reverse power. By having the SWR sensing element remote from the display, RF cabling in the shack is simplified.The BOXA range will be supplied in three forms:- as a board kit
- a board kit plus a custom enclosure
- fully built and tested.The next product in the BOXA-LINE will be a 10 Watt HF dummy load with built-in RF indicator.Two more BOXA-LINE products are planned for launch early in 2015.BOXA-SWR

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