Jan 16 15 3:24 AM

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 Portable specialists SOTABEAMS have introduced a useful DC distribution system based on the popular PowerPole range of connectors.The PP 4-WAY had been designed as a lightweight and rugged way to connect several items to
a DC power source.Typically a transceiver, amplifier and auto-ATU might be connected to a battery or other DC power source.The PP 4-WAY will be useful at home and in the field.Unusually for PowerPole products, the PP 4-WAY is available in kit form or ready-built. The PP 4-WAY is rated at 25 Amps.http://www.sotabeams.co.uk/powerpole-pp-4-way/SOTABEAMS also manufactures a 3-way version, the PP 3-WAY.