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Sep 1 15 12:06 AM

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 .....Lou N2TU and Craig K9CT previously announced a DXpedition to Palmyra Atoll at the International DX Convention in Visalia, California. Palmyra (KH5) ranks #9 on the Most Wanted List and #2 in Europe.The Pacific Islands DXpedition Group has been awarded permission to
activate Cooper Island in the Palmyra Atoll, 11-26 January 2016. 
A callsign will be announced through the normal DX media channels before the operation begins.One key to the success of activation of a rare entity is a team of pilot
stations. These stations gather regional feedback, identify propagation
trends and inform the on-island Team of operational issues.These pilots are well known to the DX community and have either been on DXpeditions or have been pilots on previous high visibility DXpeditions.
* Chief Pilot and Western USA- Rich, KE1B
* Eastern USA/ Caribbean- Don, AA1V
* Europe- Col, MM0NDX
* Africa/ South America- Andre, V51B
* Asia/ Pacific, Hiroo, JA1WSXOur website, has been updated with photographs and background information of our outstanding Pilot Team. 
Additionally, a Palmyra 2016 QSL route has been established. 
Direct QSLs, with appropriate return postage and envelope, should be sent to:
Palmyra DXpedition
PO Box 73
Elmwood, IL 61529We urge the DX community to use OQRS via Clublog. This will greatly
expedite your QSL!There is a large payment due shortly and additional funds are needed
to meet this obligation. Your donations are required to support the effort
to activate this rare entity.
Please visit for the latest news, Team photos,
and a list of our generous individual, Foundation and Equipment sponsors.Lou N2TU
Craig K9CT
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Posts: 2,219 Member Since:10/04/08

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Dec 16 15 5:06 PM

K5P Palmyra DXpedition News

 In about a month, the Palmyra Team will be assembling in Hawaii on the first leg of their journey to Palmyra and our excitement is growing!
Palmyra ranks in the top ten of the Most Wanted List and #2 in Europe!As with major DXpeditions, there has been a change of plans due to
unforeseen events. Based on the original award received in January 2015,
a Team of 12 operators was assembled.The air charter is provided by our host, The Nature Conservancy, as part of the award. Earlier this year, the air strip was decertified and as a result the aircraft type had to be changed to allow access to the Palmyra. The aircraft selected will only seat 9 persons, which is a major change of plans for the DXpedition. Several alternate options were examined but were unsuccessful. It was with great pain that three of the operators stepped back from the Team to allow the DXpedition to proceed.All equipment has been received, being pretested and packaged for ship-
ment to Hawaii. The Team plans on leaving Hawaii for Palmyra on 11th
January 2016 and being active from 12th January through 25th January.
Future Palmyra Atoll activations may not happen for many years, as
access is severely restricted. Permissions to operate on these rare and
extremely controlled locations are very difficult to obtain. We wish to
thank The Nature Conservancy and the US Fish and Wildlife Service for
their cooperation and support. Without this, K5P Palmyra2016 would not
occur.Check the K5P Palmyra2016 web page for future updates, propagation
predictions and donation page.,
Lou N2TU
Craig K9CT

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