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Sep 3 15 12:26 AM

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.....Today is the anniversary of an historic solar storm, the Carrington EventOn Sept. 2, 1859, a CME struck Earth's magnetic field with such power that telegraph stations caught fire and people in Cuba read their morning newspapers by the red light of the aurora borealis.If a similar storm struck our planet today, it might cause trillions of dollars of damage to society's high-tech infrastructure.Could the Carrington Event happen again? It almost did just a few years ago. Extreme solar storms--past, present and future--are highlighted on today's edition of .
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Mar 16 16 12:22 PM

That's scary.
If there was another flare like that, I think most countries would crumble. People are a lot softer than they used to be. The thought of a catastrophe of that size, happening in today's society-that is a very fearsome thought.

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Stevie Wonder

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Mar 16 16 7:24 PM

I hope we never see a historic solar storm anytime soon. The world’s infrastructure couldn’t handle this type of solar activity. Communication, businesses, emergency services and Governmental offices would all be shut down.

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Mar 26 16 9:58 AM

This is really scary to imagine. I think that most people could handle the situation well, but I agree that our infrastructure would most likely suffer. I would hope that there would be enough of us that are prepared survivalists to get through a storm of this epic proportion.

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Mar 29 16 7:11 AM

That’s so scary! I think the scariest part was that I read a flare as powerful as the Carrington Event happened on July 23th, 2012. Thankfully the solar storm missed earth. I don’t want to imagine what would happen if it had hit!

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