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Lady T

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Dec 28 15 2:08 AM

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Does anyone here still use their CW actively? Like, do you have a regular program or show for others to listen to? The most people that I know with a CW just tinker around with them, without actually really doing anything significant.
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Jan 21 16 11:37 PM

Cw is my favorite mode

I spend time on a lot of the modes. Any more with my time limited with sickness in the family I dont get on as much as I used to but I try to work cw as often as possible. It was what I started with in the early days and the mode is just a part of me.
Working cw is a bit like playing music. If you miss one day you can tell it. However, if you miss more than one day everyone can tell it.
Small differences in timing etc. I love this hobby and enjoy being around folks are also fond of it. The hobby has a lot to offer.
I love it all!

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