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Lady T

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Dec 30 15 11:46 AM

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I keep hearing that the FCC allows amateurs to use certain frequencies. So, how does the FCC know if you are an amateur or not? Also, what options do you have as you become more advanced?
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Dec 30 15 4:22 PM

The FCC is in charge of the band plans and who can use....

The following bits of information will allow you to sort some of these things out.
Check a section of the ARRL page at:

Also check which also gives a lot of information about anyone you should hear on any ham band.
There you can find a ham operator by simply entering their call.

I urge you to explore the ARRL website at for answers to a  lot of questions you might have as well as interesting reading about the structure and workings of the FCC as well as many amateur practice issues.
Happy to have you here and thanks for your interest in Amateur Radio.


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Easy Talk

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Mar 16 16 8:10 PM

My son has started to take an interest in Amateur Radios. Currently, I’ve downloaded and installed a virtual software package on his laptop. The information you’ve supplied about the FCC is very helpful.

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