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Jan 19 16 7:33 PM

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I will list 2 sites. There will be many links here which will describe early radio:
If you have any history about the early days in radio please list them. I love to read radio history!


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Speak Easy

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Feb 4 16 6:16 PM

Thank you for the valuable information you have posted. I enjoy reading and researching about ham radios and their history. I find the old equipment fascinating and can’t wait to learn more. 

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Feb 5 16 4:33 PM

Have any of you here worked with any really old equipment? We weren't allowed to play with it much, but my instructor had some marvelous old valve sets that he just loved to demonstrate. They had pride of place in his collection, and with good reason as they were remarkable pieces in truly wonderful condition.

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Feb 5 16 11:20 PM

Those were great links W8, I really love the old stuff. Things were made and done so much better back in the day.
Here's one that deals with west coast radio and communications:

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Mar 13 16 1:28 PM

I found an interesting link. It covers a little of the discovery, and applications of early radio, in an easy-to-read format.

I was a little disappointed that Michael Faraday wasn't mentioned in the article, as Maxwell's theories were based on his work, but it is a good read.

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