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Jan 25 16 10:03 PM

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This is a site where you can visit ham shacks all over the world
Most of the info here is ham radio related
This is a new OffTopic forum I recently started. Please join us there
An old forum with lots of history etc. about ham radio
Some links to fotos of me, my shack etc.


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#1 [url]

Jan 27 16 10:15 PM

Thank you for sharing the list of websites you frequent regularly. I’m a person who believes in sharing resources and information. However, not everyone will agree with me on this subject. 

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#2 [url]

May 27 16 9:09 AM

I have learnt a lot by browsing the threads on this forum and I am glad I joined. But you have given additional resources using which I can gain even more knowledge about ham radios. Thank you so much for the information.

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