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Jan 27 16 9:45 AM

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I must admit that when I did my novice licence many moons ago, one of my favourite things was the building of radio sets. It was fascinating seeing how they worked, and the skills that I learned as part of my City and Guilds have proved invaluable throughout my life. 

That said, everything has changed so much that I can't see me building a crystal set with my kids. Are there any child friendly kits that you would recommend? My oldest is ten and I would like to get her heavily involved, teach her to solder and so on. 
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Speak Easy

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Feb 6 16 5:31 PM

My son has just turned 13 and I’d love to help him build his own radio set. However, like you, I’m concerned about helping him build a crystal set. 

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Mar 22 16 4:15 PM

I was going to ask the same question. I remember my brother having a science kit that built a transistor radio. I am looking for a kit for a HAM radio that a kid could understand.

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Jun 3 16 1:50 AM

A friend once recommended me to check this website for electronic kits which kids may like. It's not limited to radios only because there are other devices introduced. It seems like a nice introduction to engineering and ham radios specifically for young people.

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