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Speak Easy

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Feb 3 16 8:32 PM

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I’m looking around to purchase some used ham radio equipment. Can anyone tell me where the best places to look are? I’m not sure if I should look on Craig’s List or on eBay.

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Mar 25 16 10:20 PM

For online shopping, I usually browse these two websites: Associated Radio and HamRadioOutlet. HamRadioOutlet has bigger item directory but the prices for several items may be above AssociatedRadio. I prefer to ask friends or people nearby though. I can check the quality of the used items directly and probably do a little bargain before purchasing.

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Mar 26 16 11:34 AM

I like Amateur Electronic Supply

Over time I have used AES as a source of good used gear. They still have in house repair staff as well as a warranty on the gear. You can see their url at
Another advantage there is the fact that they have branches at Milwaukee, Cleveland, Las Vegas, and Orlando and usually you can save a bit on shipping by choosing the branch near you.

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May 25 16 5:01 PM

That is the beauty of the internet and especially with the fact that a person does not necessarily need to move ebay, amazon and so on. The amount of resources on the inter-web can never be exhausted.

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