Feb 18 16 12:09 PM

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Tonga DXpedition

Madison, W5MJ, reports on their DXpedition to Tonga February 18-28th:

"The A35T DXpedition is now packed up and ready to go. We will have three stations running Elecraft K3 transceivers with a KX3 as a backup radio, two Elecraft KPA500 amps, an Expert Amp 1.3, three KIO hex beams 20 through 6, and four Spider-poles for the lower frequencies.

We anticipate having our stations on 160-30 meters during night hours, and the hex beams for 20-6 meters during daylight hours. We hope to be able to provide Qs on 160 to EU to fill the great need for that band.

Our operation is scheduled for February 18-28th, not the 24th as previously reported

For more details and updates, see: http://www.tonga2016.com