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Feb 18 16 12:17 PM

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Heard Island Expedition Newsletter

The current Heard Island Expedition Newsletter (Vol. 2, No. 2 - dated
February 11th) is now out.

Individuals may have already received this because they subscribed to it, or they made a donation to the expedition, or they are a team member or a corporate sponsor, or Bob, KK6EK, just happens to know you and think you would like to have it. This issue goes to 1664 different people.

Bob also informs [edited], "There is no charge or obligation for this ­ we just want to help you make a QSO with VK0EK, or to collaborate in the scientific work. Future Newsletters will be issued now and then, when we have something to say, probably every few weeks.
If you missed a previous Newsletter and would like to have a copy, you can find a link on p. 4
to download the back issue.

PLEASE NOTE: This Newsletter comes in a slightly different format.
Depending on your browser and printer, it may have a narrow break in
between pages 2 and 3. To get a complete (break-free) image, you
could do the following:
1. Download page from your browser to your desktop or a folder. It
will be a PDF file.
2. Open the PDF file (typically by double-clicking)
3. On the main menu of your PDF viewer:
3.1 Select View/Page Display/
3.2 Select Two-page scrolling
3.3 Select Show Cover Page in Two-Page View
4. Now You can view it full-screen without the break using the Page
Up and Page Down keys
5. Depending on your printer, the printed image may still have a
break in between pages 2 and 3. Sorry!

This Newsletter is actually a complete image of the HEARD ISLAND EXPEDITION POSTER, which can download directly here:

The expedition is scheduled to begin in early March 2016, and end in late April. You can see the current status of the project on the main website, and on the blogsite
I hope you like this Newsletter and find it useful.

If you have suggestions, comments, subjects you would like to see addressed, etc., or wish to be removed from the distribution list, please write to me.....

Bob, KK6EK
Organizer/Expedition Leader
For more details on the mailing list for the newsletter, go to:

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#1 [url]

Mar 24 16 1:19 AM

VK0EK Heard Island DXpedition news

As this was being written, a re-connaissance team which include some members of the VK0EK team (Arliss W7XU, Bill AE0EE, Dave K3EL) and several members of the Braveheart Crew are on Heard Island, as reported on March 22nd at 09:00 EDT from a press release by KY6R.

Read the whole press release on the VK0EK Web page.
Several other press releases were sent out and posted on their Web page over the past a few days. This includes many pictures being posted.

All press releases can be views at:

The dates and titles of the press releases are as follows:
March 20th: MD07 – Getting Close!
March 20th: Roughly 35 Hours Away
March 21st: Current ETA: March 22nd (and set up plans)
March 22nd: 20 Miles Away And Latest Photo’s
March 22nd: Hello Heard Island!
March 22nd: A Short Message from VK0EK Co-Organizer, KY6R
March 22nd: A Reconnaissance Team is on Heard Island Right Now!


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#2 [url]

May 23 16 5:42 PM

Fascinating. Simply fascinating. I went to the expedition website and this is just a fun thing to read and learn about. Hopefully next time their mission will be more successful.

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