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Mar 5 16 7:23 PM

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Jeff Piorkowski interviews Jack Goldfarb W8WGO who got his amateur radio license almost 75 years ago when he was 16

"I got my license in April, 1941," Goldfarb said. "I went downtown (Cleveland) to the FCC office that was in the old post office building.
I still remember Mr. Russ was the FCC radio inspector there."

"I was always interested in electronics," he said. "When I was in elementary school I would fool around with telephones, automobile horns and light bulbs. I used to build little kits.They were called Heathkits."

Those kits led to Goldfarb building his first transmitter.

"I started a radio club in high school, but it only lasted that one year. When I was gone, it disappeared."

Goldfarb graduated from Glenville High School and when the Army and World War II came calling, his radio skills put him in demand.

"They put us on a train at the Terminal Tower and took us to Columbus," he said of himself and his fellow Army recruits in January, 1943.
"When we got to Columbus, (Army officers) asked me, 'What hobbies do you have?'

"When I told them I was a licensed radio operator, they said, 'We need you, we need you.'"

Read the full story at
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Apr 30 16 6:32 AM

It's amazing that he can keep updating his license for 75 years. People usually get bored, busy, or just too tired to continue. I suppose there is no limit if you really like what you're doing. I've heard that we don't need to take any exam to renew the license, so the process is probably easy enough.

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May 26 16 7:58 AM

It sounds similar to what my dad described about one of his friends who was a ham radio operator. He had his license at the time for over 50 years and there was not a single day when he was not operating his ham radio. I was really impressed by Dad's old friend in those days.

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May 26 16 8:26 AM

75 years is a long time to be holding a ham radio license. It just shows the dedication that the operator has towards his passion and sets an example for those of us who are only starting out. I do hope I will be able to hold a license that long!

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