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Mar 14 16 1:06 PM

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Nancy Reagan, the former First Lady of the 40the president of the United States has died recently...

A lot of news site will probably be covering the funeral,so I dug up an article about the Reagans as a couple. Most here should know that the Raegan era was a time of prosperity for the United States, but here is an article on the prosperity of a successful marriage. It takes a lot of love to stay with someone through not only years, but to stay with them when they are at their worst. Ronald Reagan was a great man, and as wife to a great man, Nancy Reagan was forced to watch illness take away  her husbands memories and send a great man to his knees. She did not leave him. She stayed with him til the end...
Their life is a true Love Story.
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Apr 5 16 10:35 PM

I truly admire these two, as great entertainers, as great politicians, but most of all, as great people. The intensity of their devotion to each other is an inspiration to all, for eternity.

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Apr 7 16 7:09 PM

Such a bittersweet passing of a wonderful and strong woman. She was such a great support to a great man. Glad they are back together finally. It must have been very hard on her. A love story for the ages.

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White Noise

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May 5 16 2:26 PM

The tie in with this forum, of course, is Nancy's love of astrology. Some say that the Reagan's had a professional "astrologist(?)" on site and her findings would periodically effect official decisions made by Ronald. I always found the possibility of that intriguing.

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May 19 16 12:00 PM

Nancy Reagan turned to astrology after the attempted assassination attempt on her husband. She used to consult the astrologer regularly and even got the President's advisers changed in one instance. They were indeed a great couple.

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