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Stevie Wonder

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Mar 17 16 2:52 PM

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Since I was young, I’ve always been interested in Morse code because of my grandmother. Now that I’m close to retirement I’d love to learn Morse code. Do I need any special equipment or training to be an operator?
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Mar 17 16 6:29 PM

Cw is not hard to learn. It, in my opinion, is useful to know the art of CW

I will give some links which may be of interest here.
The greatest source of knowledge about ham radio is the ARRL (American Radio Relay League)
Also a great place to sort out requirements and ways and means is a site at:
There you can learn theory, requirements, and how to get your own ham radio ticket.
Also when you check the ARRL site look for code practice sessions which is offered
which will help you a lot after you learn the code alphabet.
However, as you might already know it is not necessary to learn how to read or send CW.
However, many folks enjoy the mode and there is a lot of CW activity all over the bands.

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Apr 22 16 2:07 PM

These are great resources, thank you. I have a great love of languages, the older and more arcane the better. When I was growing up, my grandparents played spelling games with me using Morse code, and I have been looking forward to refamiliarizing myself with it.

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Jun 5 16 1:42 AM

I found an interesting read at this forum that reminds me to learn as much as I can in life because we only have it once. Morse code is actually pretty interesting and there are many tutorials online. I just haven't found the one which is really my style. Other than for radio operations, what else can we use this code for?

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Jun 5 16 2:49 PM

Slowly by slowly I am demystifying all I had heard about Morse codes. I had been made to believe that they are extremely hard to grasp. However, I think I am now adding it to my 'to-do list'.
Nothing is ever so hard when effort is put in.

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