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Mar 24 16 10:27 AM

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The TV show “Last Man Standing” featured one of the main characters operating ham radio from home:

It was an old article, but I used to catch a few episodes of Last Man Standing on TV yet I didn’t know the Dad was a radio amateur.

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Apr 23 16 8:06 PM

This just reminded me of the movie I saw about 20 years ago: Phenomenon with John Travolta. He and Forest Whitaker are on the radio all the time.

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Apr 26 16 10:31 AM

I have not heard of that show, but that's cool that the Dad was a ham radio enthusiast. I see people using ham radio on several of the Alaska reality shows like Life Below Zero. I suppose up in that environment ham radio would be the perfect way to communicate in areas where many utilities just can't go.

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May 26 16 7:56 AM

Mike Baxter's situation seems similar to mine since I too have wife and daughters to contend with at home. Operating a ham radio is tough under those circumstances and I really admire the character for what he can manage to do.

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