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May 2 16 4:34 AM

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Other than ham radios, are you also interested in electronics in general? I have often see people who like a certain type of tool then go on to learn more about other electronics. They said after learning more those tools could be more similar than expected.
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May 17 16 4:32 AM

Sellie wrote:
Other than ham radios, are you also interested in electronics in general? 

No, not really. Stereos I'm interested in, but that's really about it. If it emits sound and you can plug it in or put a battery into it, I'm there.

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May 30 16 11:48 AM

I am interested in all types of electronics and have been since childhood. My interest in electronics prompted me to study electronics and even become an engineer in the field. I am an electronics engineer by profession and work in an electronics company.

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Jun 5 16 4:07 PM

I would not say I have an interest in all types of electronics. However, things to do with televisions, home theaters and speakers really thrill me and I subscribe to newsletters that keep me updated.

I am not sure if we can also classify mobile phones as electronics since that is where my greatest interest lies.

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