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May 29 16 1:04 PM

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I know it sounds too good to be true but a reboot can instantly fix most computer issues, especially the minor ones. This may not fix major issues but I always reboot first to see whether it fixes the issue. No harm in giving it a try since it takes a couple of minutes only. 
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White Noise

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Jun 2 16 7:59 AM

I'm assuming you're talking about a soft boot? I heard something similar years ago but never got around to trying it. I think I might start doing this once a month as a PM measure.

Thanks for "rebooting" my memory. :)

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Jun 4 16 3:56 PM

I believe soft boots can sort issues to do with speed. I once read somewhere that this can either involve turning the power on and off or the instance where the system restarts without an interruption of power.
I am not sure if turning the power on and off can have any effect on the computer though.

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