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May 17 11 10:48 PM

Morse Code a barrier? I don't agree. It became a barrier when people became to lazy to accept the
challenge to learn. Then the whining and crying started. And as the old saying goes, "The squeaky
wheel gets the grease." In this case it was the whining/crying people.

However I am encouraged to hear new hams using the mode. I am actually hearing some
activity in the old 40 meter novice band.

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May 18 11 1:25 AM

At first I was very upset when they decided to do away with the old system in the license structure. However, as time has gone by it seems the folks who like CW are using it and those who don't care for it do other things. It seems to me that the CW bands are getting better all the time. It is true that the equipment is better, there are Cw readers all over the place but only those who want to operate CW even fool with it. The CW bands are the best they have ever been. I can remember when the favorite phrase on cw was " I'll be glad when I get my new ticket and then I want to put the key in the closet and get on phone". I still don't agree with the decision to do away with taking the exam before a Federal examiner and the way some of the bands are chopped up. But over all the improvement in the CW portions of the bands cannot be denied. A lot of folks could not learn to be good CW operators if they practiced every day and lived to be 1,000 years old. It was a good move!

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