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Dec 12 09 10:32 PM

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If you have a web site you can list it on this forum.
You can list and describe your site and invite others to visit/join you there
A list of some sites I have. You can add your site/s here too if you like:

The more places you list the more eyes will see your sites

Check my new site out and join in the fun!smiley: smilesmiley: rollsmiley: smile

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#2 [url]

Jan 30 10 11:47 AM


I have several websites. This first one is purely ham radio related: with info about antennas, and satellite communications.

My second one is more computer / tech related, but also has various wifi and ham antenna projects:

OK thanks for looking! - Mike WB8ERJ

My Geeky blog: Building my electric guitar

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Mar 8 10 8:53 AM

I am the founder of Life!!  A place to talk about your Life.. Marriage/relationships, parenting/kids, pets, whatever Life stuff you want to chat about!  My goal when creating Life was to have a place to Live ~Laugh ~ & ~ Love!!  Enjoying the little things that we often don't cherish as much as we need to.  Having fun and loving ourselves each & every day!!  Laughing ~ Because laughter makes us all happy, if only for that moment. 

Anyone is welcome to join and have fun in Life!!

Can't wait to see ya there!!grin

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and don't forget to smile!!

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#6 [url]

Mar 19 10 10:53 AM


Thanks to W8EEO for taking a look at my site and joining. Hope you found it interesting and useful. My site is also on ham radio, but I concentrate mainly on solar/magnetic activity, also on propagation and beacons. I started the forum in October 2009. It can be found at

Please take a look and don't be afraid to join in.

Hope to see you soon.

73 de Neil, G0CAS.

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#8 [url]

Apr 26 10 5:30 PM

Yes please do. Give the web URL so we can take a look. All members are free to list their own sites here. We are glad to have you here. Have fun!

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#11 [url]

Jan 20 11 2:40 AM

I have a web site from Bangalore, India, where I relay one of India's oldest music radio stations, Vividh Bharati.
Vividh Bharati is owned by the government of India under Prasar Bharati.Corporation.
Vividh Bharati has a broadcasting history of over 50 years, having music archives of Hindi and other Indian languages dating back from 1955.
The music collection is a treasure of Film songs and famous singers.
Lately Vividh Bharati has been converting their music collection into digital format.
Vividh Bharati has over 45 transmitters on AM, FM and Shortwave covering nearly the whole of India.
Their shortwave transmitter is of 500 KW near Bangalore, South India, and gives excellent reception even in the East coast of USA, of course with a external antenna.
Vividh Bharati also has been broadcasting in DRM (Digital Radio Mondial ) on shortwave in the 49 meter band. This broadcast is from a transmitter near Delhi and has good coverage of the country.
Vividh Bharati has a satellite direct to home service also, I use this satellite service to relay on my web site. The satellite service broadcast 24 hours a day.
The national broadcaster of India is All India Radio.
All India Radio (AIR) broadcasts with around 230 transmitters (2009) There domestic service operates 149 Medium wave transmitters, 54 SW transmitters, 171 FM transmitters (2009)
All India Radio broadcasts in 24 languages and 146 dialects in their domestic service.
The overseas service also broadcasts in DRM to Europe.
You can listen to Vividh Bharati Online at my web site -
Happy listening.

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#12 [url]

Feb 15 11 3:21 PM

Greetings Earthlings! :-D

My name's Gethin, and I'm a 34 year old fossil-hunting wierdy from the gloriously unsunny United Kingdom (hence the name "rockpervert", though I do like the music as well - some of it).

What I know about ham radios you could easily transcribe onto a "strange quark" with a nano-pen, but this looks like an interesting place, so I might just play it safe and stay with the odds and sods topics until I learn a bit more about pork radios [sorry].

Nice to meet you all, by the way... :-D

Ooops! I almost forgot the obligatory shameless forum plug. lol So, if you want to take a look at some old fossils (our members), and also see some cool rocks (fossil shells, wood, shark teeth, dino bones, ammonites, crystals, politicians, etc) you can find us at:

You don't have to know anything about all this rock-perving malarkey to join, though a modicum of interest is obviously no bad thing.

Here's a little taster, with a few bits and pieces I've collected in the UK...

(1) Various bivalves and gastropods from the Eocene (45-ish million years old) of south England):

(2) Various shark teeth from the Eocene (45-ish million years old) of south England):

(3) Various Cretaceous fossils from the 65-million year old Gault Clay of southeast England:

Crab carapace/body...





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#17 [url]

Oct 22 12 7:49 PM

Pea-Sea is a UK based manufacturer of high quality PC base systems, All our systems are pre-assembled ready for an operating system to be installed.Our budget systems start from only £175.
Plus for a limited time only get £15 off your first order

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#18 [url]

Oct 23 12 5:09 PM

Dota 2 Database - Dota 2 New Wiki and Community Website

Dota 2 Database is a new site created in order to bring the Dota 2 community together. As the website grows, so will the content. This will include more community interactions with the shops, teams and other things. There will be website mini-tournaments and even Dota 2 item giveaways.

With our site, you contain our own forums as well as our official steam group.

Join the community now and help the website grow!

(Remember, the website was release yesterday [October 17th])

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