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Jun 16 10 9:36 AM

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Is it True That the Internet Could Slow Down? There are several stories circulating on the Internet regarding bandwidth (the speed at which you access the Internet) and how it is going to begin to reach capacity...

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Jun 24 10 10:53 AM

Afraid of the Internet Kill Switch?
Purchase a Shortwave Radio

Shortwave radio can be received around the world without depending on the infrastructure of the Internet which can be subject to Government restrictions.
In this video John does a short review of the Kaito KA1102 portable shortwave radio and talks about the importance of having a shortwave receiver.
Watch - Afraid of the Internet Kill Switch? Purchase a Shortwave Radio.

Daily Mail - Obama to be given the right to shut down the internet with 'kill switch'

For the latest information about Ham Radio, Communications, Radio News, Space, Radio History...Join me in the discussion at

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May 29 16 1:13 PM

There has always been news that the internet will slow down but the truth is that it is getting faster and faster. Now with advanced technology the internet speed is as fast as ever and they are saying that it will get even faster in the years to come.

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Jun 2 16 3:23 AM

My view is that the internet is getting better each day. It is a technology, yes, but my belief is that it is bound to get to near perfection.

In case it slows down, I think there will be a remedy.

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