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Mar 22 11 4:11 PM

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I live on a farm with a lot of fence lines.  I have just got into shortwave radios and I want to build an antenna.  I want to use steel wire to go along the fence posts, up the windmill, and into the house.  I have 2 miles of steel electric fence wire just wasting around the barns.  I am wondering if that would work.

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Mar 23 11 11:34 AM

Sounds like an interesting project. Are you interested in an antenna for transmitting as well as for receiving. Sounds like you have lots of room there. One of the best receive setups would be the beverage antenna especially since you have plenty of room. If you have 3 or 4 legs (or more) you could choose which direction you wanted to see antenna gain while rejecting noise and interference from all other directions and use a switch to choose your desired direction. Check google using the search term " beverage antenna theory".
If you want to use a common antenna for both transmit and receive it should be much higher in the air with a long feedline. Steel wire will work fine but rust might be a problem over time.

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Mar 12 16 5:50 PM

Steel has a few problems.
One, it is subject to rust as w8eeo mentioned, and it can cause the joints to have poor electrical conductivity. Steel is also magnetic, and that particular property an cause the metal to overheat, resulting in power losses.

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