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May 26 11 4:52 PM

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Japan scraps Morse test

The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs has decided to scrap Morse telegraph testing for the Amateur Radio Class 1 and 2 licenses with effect from October 1, 2011.
A public consutation on the Morse test was held earlier in the year to which 39 people responded. Following the consultation the Ministry announced that Morse telegraphy testing would be discontinued.
Japan pioneered the HF No-Code Amateur Radio license (Class 4) in the 1950's although they still required Morse for the higher license classes. The written exam for the Class 4 is roughly equivalent to the Foundation exam in the United Kingdom and Australia and the discontinued USA Novice.
Read the Ministry of Internal Affairs announcement in Google English at
JARL Newsletter in Google English

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Mar 19 16 9:49 AM

I find the decision a disadvantage from one point of view. Morse code is probably the most common basic communication method used by radios. (It may even be used in other situations.) For such an important item, it seems better to be certified on it sooner than later. At least it is still required in higher classes, though. Perhaps there are more important materials to cover in the beginning.

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