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Jan 16 12 12:41 AM

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Assembling Transistor Radios in 1955

A video about assembling TR-1 transistor radios, the first transistor radio made, in the 1950s at the Regency factory at Lawrence, Indiana.
Watch Assembling Transistor Radios 1955...

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Mar 13 16 1:13 PM

That was a fun video.
The transistor was pretty new, and the pic board was just invested. It is amazing how we Americans used to build everything from radios to flyswatters, and nowadays hardly anything is produced in America. I wonder if the country will ever be able to rise to the level of succes and flourishing new technologies that we once knew.

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Mar 14 16 7:43 AM

Such an interesting video. It is always fascinating to see how such small things can be assembled to create a new useful tool. Watching this kind of video makes me feel motivated to study more about the tools beyond simply using them and throwing them out once they are broken. It must have been easier now in modern days compared to centuries ago.

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