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Aug 9 12 4:32 PM

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New Ontario Section Boundaries

I am very pleased to announce that on schedule, September 1, 2012 the current Ontario Section will be replaced by four new Sections:
Ontario North (ONN), Ontario East (ONE), Ontario South (ONS), and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The new sections are composed of the following municipalities, regions, and municipal districts.
I am also thrilled to advise that all four Section Manager Positions have been filled and I will circulate a formal introduction in the week to come.
Ontario North (ONN)
All of northwest Ontario including Manitoulin Island, Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands, Killarney, the cities of Greater Sudbury and North Bay and Nipissing District.
Ontario East (ONE)
Algonquin Park, Renfrew, Hastings, Prince Edward, Haliburton, Peterborough and Northhumberland Counties, and the cities and counties to the east.
Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
The City of Toronto and the Regions of Halton (including the City of Burlington), Peel, York, and Durham.
Ontario South (ONS)
Parry Sound District, the counties of Simcoe, Grey, Bruce, Dufferin, Wellington, the City of Hamilton, the Region of Niagara, and the remainder of south-western Ontario.
Please see attached map.

The ARRL has recognized the four new sections and they will be effective for the ARRL November Sweepstakes. Several other vendors of logging/contest software have also announced changes, some not effective until January 2013. Please verify with your vendor well in advance of upcoming contests.
Doug Mercer VO1DTM/VO1DM CEC
Chief Field Services Officer

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Sep 2 12 1:30 PM

New Ontario Section Managers announced

Attn: All Ontario Amateurs
As you are aware changes have been made and now are ready to launch September 01, 2012 here in Ontario on behalf of the Radio Amateurs of Canada in relation to the Ontario Field Services.
In the past Ontario has been served by one elected official of fields services that being the Ontario Section Manager. For the last 7 years I have had the honor and pleasure to be elected and serve as your Ontario representative for Field Services on behalf of RAC. This position brought responsibilities of overseeing the field services in Ontario including ARES, the NTS, Official Bulletin Service and the Official Observer Service.
I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful and knowledgeable amateurs in these services and the wealth of experience in the province is second to none. However I also have been around long enough to realize that one person and one person alone cannot do justice to the job it disserves. I know that during my time I have spent relentless hours on e-mails and discussing issues with many amateurs over the phone. In realailty these concerns should be addressed face to face. I am a firm believer that for RAC to flourish in the future you need to have personal, interaction with your RAC official.
Living in Northern Ontario and working full time I did not have the luxury to visit many clubs or ARES groups. I have met many of you at flea markets and meetings but you need to have there ability to contact your RAC Official when you need him/her. This is why I am excited about the new restructuring proposal undertaking by RAC. With three more additional Section Managers in the province representing their section of the province there is the opportunity to get more interaction.
Each Section having a coordinator for the field services will only work better and represent all of you and make RAC stronger as a national organization.
One of my last duties as Ontario Section Manager is to welcome the three additional members to the Ontario Team.
Section Manager Ontario South Ian Snow VA3QT - ONS
Section Manager GTA George Duffield VE3WKJ - GTA
Section Manager Ontario East Michael Hickey VE3IPC - ONE
I know these three experienced amateurs will serve the amateur community well and I look forward to the new direction Ontario is taking and working with these fine gentlemen. Having served as Section Manager for all of Ontario for the past 7 years I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have supported me and my field services members over the years. Your commitment to the program has been proven many times over. I look forward to serving the members of Northern Ontario as your Section Manager for Ontario North - ONN. As always I am open to any questions or concerns that you may have. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. I look forward to this new process and the exciting times ahead for field services and RAC.
Yours Truly
Allan Boyd, VE3AJB
Section Manager
Radio Amateurs of Canada

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